EdPuzzle- Insert questions into video!  

Bentonville purchases the paid subscription. 

What's new for Fall 2021?

NEW!---Edpuzzle Originals Video Curriculum Guides! (Active and Coming Soon!) STANDARDS Aligned! Grades 3-5 currently but more grade levels coming! 

What is EdPuzzle? 

EdPuzzle is an innovative site that allows teachers to take just about any video, edit it down to the portions you want, add audio notes and questions throughout the video where you can monitor individual student work.

NEW Feature- If you're browsing YouTube and come across a video you'd like to share with your students, you'll definitely want to install the Edpuzzle YouTube extension for Google Chrome so that you can quickly and easily import the video directly from YouTube to your Edpuzzle library.

Everyone who signs up on Edpuzzle with their @bentonvillek12.org emails should select their school, and they'll be upgraded automatically after verifying their email address!

Here are a few helpful resources to get started using EdPuzzle:

Training courses - Edpuzzle Online PD