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Approved Technology Websites List

Glossary of District Websites/Resources

Glossary of Instructional Technology Handouts/Tutorials

Bentonville Online Ed Tech Courses for Teachers

Ed Tech Learning Tools Listed by Category

Creating Instructional Materials for Blended Learning

Recording a Google Meet Live Session

Sharing YouTube Videos With No Ads/Comments

Advanced Users- Open Broadcast Software Tutorial

Blended -Virtual Teaching Options Using Instructional Technology

Google Classroom

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet 

Google Classroom "Weeks" Topic List

Google Classroom District Standards of Consistency (Grades 5-12)

Guardian Summaries Information for Teachers

Guardian Summaries Troubleshooting for Teachers

Guardian Summaries Information for Parents

Teach Students to "View the GC To Do List" for Assignments- Video Tutorial

Teacher Ease

Bentonville Schools FAQ for TeacherEase

Teacher Ease Training- End of Q1

Teacher Ease Resource Videos

Google Meet

New Google Meet Features (Nov. 2020)

Recording a Google Meet Live Session

Google Meet Performance Tips

Delete Previous Google Meet Calendar Invites

Google Meet Chat & Transcript

Making Classrooms Interactive! 

Pear Deck for Google Slides Online Course

EdPuzzle for Teachers Online Course


Chromebook BASICS Tutorial for STUDENTS

Chromebook & Google Classroom Instructions for Parents/Students


GoGuardian Teacher Guide

GoGuardian Overview Video (18 min) 

GoGuardian Chat & Transcript

GoGuardian- Creating Scenes

Teacher Training/Quick Tutorials

New Teacher "Need to Know Tech" 

Creating a Contact Group in gMail (for Parent Contacts)

Google Drive File Stream

Ladibug Doc Camera

Screencastify- Trimming Video with Scissors Tool

Share A Google Site as a Template for Students

GMail Templates for Teachers

Google Sheets- Sharing Tabs with Others 

Ladibug-Change Video Default Location

AirTame Guide

Online Assessment Options for Teachers

Using Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Hitachi Starboard/Slate

Pairing AirPods to Your PC

Making Adobe Acrobat the default PDF application

Google Voice

VPN/TAC/eSchool Access

Secure Printing

Digital Citizenship Resources

EdTech Teacher Resources 

GC & Teacher Websites
Edpuzzle Getting Started: Bentonville
Google Shared Drive- Teamwork!
Windows Ink Workspace
Using Airtame with a Flat Panel
Google Classroom, GoGuardian and More
Above & Beyond! Tech for Blended Learning
Google Meet: New Options and Activities
Sharing YouTube Videos With No Ads/Comments
Blended/Virtual Teaching Options